How Reflexology Can Help Your Gut Health

Good digestion is important for the absorption of nutrients which help keep skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones healthy. But its more than that, in fact most of your immune system is in your gut, so if it’s sluggish, your immunity can be compromised.

How does Reflexology help?

Reflexology can be of significant benefit to you when trying to pin point areas in your body that are not working as they should be.

A series of Reflexology treatments can help to increase blood flow and stimulation to the digestive system and decrease stress to that area of your body.  With that stress reduced comes increased healing and your body will start to heal itself from the inside out. Correct choice of foods will help as well!

Food busting remedies to common gut problems
  1. Beetroot is great to help improve digestion as it’s got loads of essential minerals, vitamins A, B and C and it’s got antioxidant and anti-inflammatory red pigment.
  2. The best anti-inflammatory food is turmeric, and the suggestion is one teaspoon of dried turmeric a day – why not try a turmeric latte – quite tasty!
  3. Antioxidants are very important for good health and the best are red beans: kidney, pinto or aduki beans.
  4. Key hormone balancers are: pumpkin seeds, asparagus, unrefined whole grains, nuts (especially brazil nuts) and the best of them all is garlic – its recommended to eat one clove a day.
  5. The best alkaliser to ease over acidification of your gut is lemon so why not try starting your day with a drink of lemon juice in warm water – with a straw, so you don’t harm your tooth enamel.
How to re balance and detox your gut

A unique combination of Acupressure Reflexology and Colon Cleansing treatments will be the step in right direction.

Acupressure Reflexology combined with series of regular Colon Cleansing treatments will also help to strengthen your colon.  Having a stronger colon means that waste matter can move through your system quickly, and toxic materials can be eliminated more easily.

To complement a course of Acupressure Reflexology and Colon Cleansing treatments, try making these changes to your diet to help re balance and detox your gut:

  • avoid foods with high levels of sugar and salt,
  • switch from cow’s milk to other alternatives,
  • limit or avoid excessive red meat in your diet,
  • cut out the bad fats.

This unique holistic approach to good gut health is within your reach. Why not try our 6-week course of combined treatments of Acupressure Reflexology and Colon Cleansing which can lead towards better digestive health. So why not kick start and turbocharge a new healthier you!

A 6-week course of Acupressure Reflexology and Colon Cleansing £420 (normal price £450)

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