Eliminate Frozen Shoulder Pain

It’s odd to think that a shoulder can be frozen. However, this condition is called ‘frozen’ because limited movement of the shoulder can make the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint become thick stiff and inflamed. Why limited movement? This could be due to a shoulder injury or surgery although there are other diseases that can also develop a frozen shoulder.

The effects of a ‘frozen shoulder’ are limited movement during the day and increasing pain in the night. Physical therapy, home exercise programmes, hot and cold compresses and anti-inflammatory drugs may help temporarily. This leads many of us simply living with the pain and adapting to the lack of mobility.

Reflexology for Pain is a unique technique focussing on releasing blockages in the muscular tissue to eliminate pain (over time), rather than simply managing it. For optimal results, the area of concern can be treated with movement and effort whilst working with specific reflexes in the foot.

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