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What is Five Element Reflexology?

The Five Elements Theory first appeared during the Spring and Autumn Period (770–476 BC) mostly used in Chinese Medicine, Philosophy, Feng Shui, Fortune-Telling, and Martial Arts.

Traditional Chinese Healing is based on the theory of The Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each Element is related to its organ and meridians in the body which are affected by different emotions. The Five Elements theory has been taken from thousands of years of observing the nature of existence including the physical, emotional and spiritual elements.

Energy flows through the elements on a daily and annual basis. When there is an interruption in this flow it can manifest as a disturbance in the body’s energy field. We sense this disturbance as physical and emotional problems.

Once we decipher the subtle clues given out by the body and by understanding The Five Element association, we are in a  position to make any relevant corrections.

How does working with Traditional Chinese Healing help?

Incorporating Traditional Chinese Healing and The Five Elements Reflexology gives us a format to holistically relate all the aspects of client’s health and the best way to meet their needs. It allows us to explore diagnostic techniques including energy scanning and palpation. These techniques allow us to work with the relevant organ and meridian systems together with a range of acupressure and reflex points to support clients with particular health issues whilst promoting a calm mind and release of emotions.

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