How Reflexology Can Help With The Menopause

The menopause affects all women, but how symptoms manifest themselves and how they are treated depends on the individual. We look at how you can recognise the menopause and how you can find relief. We’ll cover relaxation techniques, taking medication and how Reflexology can help with the menopause.

Using Reflexology to treat the menopause
Recognising and treating the menopause
The Perimenopause – Where Things Almost Begin

Let’s start at the ‘almost beginning’ – the perimenopause. Usually lasting between 4-8 years, this stage lets you know the menopause is on its way. Fluctuating oestrogen levels can cause a number of physical changes. These include a lack of, or irregular periods, mood and sleep pattern disruption, vaginal dryness and hot flushes.

Don’t forget that at this stage there’s also a risk of pregnancy, so contraceptive options should still be taken into consideration.

Symptoms of the Perimenopause and Possible Treatments

Changes during the perimenopause may coincide with other personal issues too. These include anxieties linked to ageing and everyday issues such as caring for family. Understanding how best to treat these symptoms is important for a healthy mind and body. Achieving a balance in your life and being aware of the state of your mental health is vital. The changes that occur during perimenopause may cause feelings of anxiety and loneliness in this process. Luckily, using relaxation techniques and reducing your stress levels can help. You may find that Reflexology can help you through this process.

Reflexology is a natural and safe therapy which uses the technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex points on the hands, feet or face. It is based on the theory that different reflex points correspond with different areas of the body. Stimulating these reflex points enables a positive response to be achieved in that part of the body, encouraging healing from the inside out. It is not the same as a massage which typically works on muscles and soft tissue. Reflexology also helps balance the hormones and relax the mind.

Symptoms of the Menopause

The menopause typically occurs around 50 years of age. It can manifest itself in 5 different ways. Some women may find changes in their mood, with feelings or irritability, anxiety and fatigue. Others may experience incontinence, night time hot flushes (night sweats), sleeping problems and issues during sexual intercourse. Whilst it may seem all-encompassing, you can treat your menopausal symptoms using a range of methods.

Tackle your menopause symptoms to suit your lifestyle. For example, you may benefit from making simple diet and lifestyle changes, whilst someone else could favour medication. Wearing light cotton-based clothing or making minor changes in your general routine may be a further way to treat these symptoms.

How Reflexology Can Help With The Menopause

As is the case with life in general, reducing your stress and making sure you relax will all help you tackle the menopause. Our recent blog discussing recognising stress and how it affects you is well worth a read.

Reflexology is a great way to encourage relaxation (even if you’re not going through the menopause!). Here at The Healing Place we offer Reflexology for the hands, feet and face. Reflexology for the hands and feet promotes healing, pain management, and of course, reduces stress. Facial Reflexology works in a similar way, offering rapid results due to the reflexes’ close proximity to the brain and central nervous system. Facial Reflexology can also improve the look and tone of the skin and aid with certain conditions including migraines and Bell’s Palsy.

In cases where depression is diagnosed, you may be prescribed anti-depressants. Interestingly, Reflexology is a treatment said to increase the effectiveness of medication when given at the same time.

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

Finally, it’s worth knowing about a condition characterised by the early onset of menopause – Primary Ovarian Insufficiency. Symptoms such as those described here along with a change in hormones and your period regularity may merit a diagnosis of POI. Speak to a professional when you can.

To find out more about how Reflexology can help with the menopause, contact The Healing Place on 0774 047 3987. Reflexology for Women’s Health covers all aspects of feminine cyclical stages so you will always be in good hands at The Healing Place.

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