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Reflexology for Women’s Hormonal Health

Every female goes through cyclical stages in her life, normally recognised as biological functions of the human body and exclusively female. The common feature about these functions is that they are hormonally driven and therefore influenced by the woman’s emotional life. It impacts on her occupation, emotional life, general health, social status and spiritual awareness all contributing to her conscious experience of being a woman. If each cyclical stage in the woman’s life is consciously recognised, it enables her to deepen her awareness and emotional experiences as a source of wisdom, insight and spiritual growth. This identity can facilitate an opportunity for growth and deeper understanding of herself with a living connection to being in her body.

The cyclical stages in a woman’s life:

  • The onset of mensuration at menarche
  • The monthly menstrual cycles
  • Female Orgasm
  • Pregnancy
  • Labour and Birth
  • Lactation
  • Menopause

Reflexology and Women’s Hormonal Health
Reflexology can therapeutically facilitate to reverse this, by encouraging the body’s own restorative life force energy to bring about balance, contributing to a conscious awareness of physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

What’s on offer?
We offer support through all stages of menstruation, fertility through to the onset of menopause including the development of female sexuality.

The Imbalances Which Cause Dis-ease

Sadly, many women experience the menstrual cycle as a source of physical pain, discomfort and an inconvenience. Female cycles are often regarded as a set of medical problems to be ‘fixed’.

Women’s confidence in giving birth has been hindered; the experience of pregnancy and birth is largely medicalised and managed.

Menstruation via the widespread use of the synthetic contraceptive pill and injection has created ‘false cycles’.

Woman’s natural rhythms of lactation and feeding were enormously reduced via medical misconception that many had insufficient milk supported by the introduction of artificial infant milk in the 60’s and 70’s.
Similarly the natural cycle of menopause is often identified by the use of replacement hormone therapy. Menopause is regarded as an experience to be feared postponed or avoided altogether.

This systematic eradication of women’s access to the source of feminine natural life cycles causes suffering and imbalance that leads to dis-ease.

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