Recognising And Dealing With Stress Using Reflexology

Stress can affect all of us

Stress – it’s something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. What’s important is how we deal with it. Here we look at the impact stress can have and how Facial Reflexology can offer stress relief.

The stages of stress

Stress affects us in stages. Firstly, our lifestyle and the way we behave changes, becoming faster with a sense of urgency. We become irritable and agitated, and may experience physical changes in our bodies. Such changes could be experiencing a lack of energy, headaches or increased anger. Finally, stress can cause us to feel as if we’ve become disconnected from the world. If not dealt with appropriately, stress at this level can majorly impact our bodies, potentially resulting in a breakdown (both physically and mentally).

The type of person we are will also affect the way that we deal with stress. What we consider relaxation will also have an impact. The way one person decides to handle stressful times in their lives will be different from somebody else. It’s important to know what works for you and your lifestyle.

How can you identify how stress affects you?

Being able to identify the type of person you are will help you understand how stress affects you. Those of us who are ambitious and live an active lifestyle are at great risk of becoming stressed. The same can be said for people with a worrying disposition. Conversely, people with laidback and carefree personalities are at low risk of stress majorly impacting their lives. It’s like that this is due to this personality type having few worries in life. Finally, people that often rely on others, conscientious with a love of routine or that struggle to trust others will be moderately affected by stress. Do you recognise yourself in any of these descriptions? What’s the likelihood of stress affecting you?

How can Facial Reflexology therapy help with stress relief?

The Healing Place offers Facial Reflexology therapy, the perfect treatment to offer stress relief. Facial Reflexology lasts 45-50 minutes and will help to reduce stress and make you feel good. You’ll also be treated to an award winning ‘Face and Spirit Lifting Elixir’ which offers a range of anti-ageing and therapeutic properties.

Facial Reflexology is deeply relaxing with fast acting effects due to the close proximity of the treatment area to the brain and central nervous system. Sometimes thought of as a ‘mini face lift’, Facial Reflexology can help skin to take on a younger appearance with better circulation in the face, neck and head area too. Sufferers from migraines, congestion, Bruxism and Bell’s Palsy may also benefit from this treatment.

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