Premenstrual syndrome: PMDD symptoms

Today it’s something for the ladies where we look at the seldom talked about (and often dreaded) menstruation. Some women many suffer with premenstrual syndrome. This can often make the run up to their period stressful and adversely affect their quality of life. One type of premenstrual syndrome is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). PMDD is a more serious form of premenstrual syndrome and manifests itself via a number of symptoms. This article explains what PMDD is, how it can affect individuals and explores some of the PMDD symptoms a sufferer may experience too. Read on to find out more.

What is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder?

The symptoms of the menstrual cycle are familiar with all of us ladies. For some, it may be a mere inconvenience, whilst for others may cause frustration, pain and aggravation. The symptoms we experience will vary from individual to individual, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach to effectively treating said symptoms is often not possible.

For those living with premenstrual syndrome, the run up to their menstrual cycle can bring with it serious symptoms that can greatly impact on quality of life. PMDD is one such disorder that can affect women in lots of different ways. Unfortunately, PMDD isn’t currently well understood…although this is in no way a reflection on the effect it can have on the body. In fact, the World Health Organisation has just recently acknowledged PMDD, demonstrating just how important this condition is. Nevertheless, we still don’t really know what causes PMDD. Some thinking has implicated a hormonal role as a driver for the resultant symptoms. Other trains of thought have suggested that developing PMDD may be in your genetic makeup.

With no known cause for this condition and a wide range of symptoms (many not exclusive to PMDD), this can make diagnosis challenging. How can we confidently diagnose PMDD when no symptoms are ‘PMDD-specific’? In order to make a diagnosis, currently certain ‘criteria’ must be fulfilled, which relies on symptoms being both known and understood.

PMDD Symptoms

The list of symptoms associated with this condition are wide ranging and can impact on multiple areas of the body. Some symptoms you may experience with PMDD include tiredness/fatigue, bodily aches, problems with vision and concentration, low mood (such as depression) and even physical problems such as skin complaints. Please note this list is by no means exhaustive.

Consequently symptoms can cause emotional, mental and physiological issues, making an effective treatment harder to come by. If we have a headache, we can pinpoint the ‘problem area’ and take steps to remedy things. On the other hand, when we experience widespread aches and pains, the situation becomes more complex and difficult to control. Of course, we aren’t here to spread ‘doom and gloom’ – whilst there are lots of PMDD symptoms, there are effective therapies out there that can help too…

PMDD Treatment

Treating PMDD will depends on the symptoms being exhibited. Some women may be prescribed specific medication, whilst others may embark upon lifestyle changes. This could mean changing the food they eat or incorporating exercise into their lives. Specific types of therapy may also be advantageous, whilst reducing and/or better coping with stress may also be recommended.

Here at The Healing Place we offer a number of therapies that may be effective in helping alleviate PMDD symptoms. These include Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which is a type of fast acting (hence the name) type of hypnotherapy which can help with pain, meditation and relaxation. We also offer a specialised type of Reflexology – Reflexology for Women’s Hormonal Health – which is tailored to help with a number of menstrual cycle-associated symptoms.

Our website has lots more information on both these treatments, just click on the treatment type to find out more.

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