Happy Healthy Smiley Feet

Okay, we’re going to say it and get it out of the way – feet aren’t sexy! When we knew that we had to tell you all about an amazing new treatment we’re now offering here at The Healing Place, our first thought was how on earth were we going to make feet fun to read about? Luckily, we think we’ve managed to figure it out! So before we tell you all about Orthopaedic Reflexology and how to get happy healthy smiley feet – let’s learn a thing or two about feet

Best foot forward

We’re going to start with some facts about feet that we think are pretty impressive (with thanks to Foot.com). For example, did you know that each foot is made up of 26 bones?


Whilst that number in itself may not seem overly impressive, however, when you consider that a quarter of all bones in our body belong to our feet, it’s pretty incredible.No wonder we can move our feet in lots of different ways – 150 ways to be precise. And we all know that our poor feet have to put up with a lot – gravity means our feet and ankles end up having to put up with up to 3 times our body weight. So be sure to spare a thought for your feet next time you’re walking around!

Stinky feet? With around 250,000 sweat glands found on our feet that can make up to half a pint of moisture each day, it really is no wonder that some of us may experience this uncomfortable affliction.

Attention all women!

Now, something for the ladies. Do you know that you’re 4 times more likely to suffer from foot problems? Maybe that’s because women are said to walk on average a further daily distance than men (3 miles more in actual fact!). Or perhaps the fact that 90% of women are wearing shoes too small for them is contributing to their foot problems? And we aren’t forgetting about high heeled shoes…hardly shoes made for comfort! It might surprise you to know that wearing a 2.5 inch heel can increase the pressure on the front of the foot by a whopping 75%.

We couldn’t leave the men out though. What shoe size are you? We’re betting that you’re not wearing shoes that are size 28.5 (US measurements) like Matthew McGrory who officially has the world’s largest feet. Wow! Have you ever wondered how the shoe size system is devised? Here in the UK it goes in units of barleycorns – who would have thought it?

Your feet and your health

Time to get (a little serious). The number of people born with problem their feet are very few. Instead, problems can develop over time, often due to a lack of proper care and shoes that don’t fit properly. Feet can actually reveal a lot about your health, and in some cases symptoms can show on your feet before spreading to the rest of your body. There are lots of conditions where your feet can reveal ill health, including arthritis and diabetes. Having regular Reflexology treatments here can therefore provide two distinct benefits to the recipient. Reflexology can help with stress and pain relief, aid in improving immunity and circulation and encourage the body to heal. Additionally, your practitioner should also be able to alert you to any potential health concerns that you may not otherwise pick up on.

Happy Healthy Feet aka Orthopaedic Reflexology

Orthopaedic Reflexology works to help conditions of the Myoskeletal system and the internal organs. Working across 4 muscle layers, this type of Reflexology can help with some troublesome foot problems. If you suffer from Hallux Valgus (also known as bunions), Hammer Toes, Morton’s Neuroma or Sciatica, Orthopaedic Reflexology is for you. All these conditions either look unsightly or cause pain, so an all-natural calming treatment could be just what you need. Bunions are caused by a deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe, whilst an abnormal bend in the middle of the toe joint is the cause of Hammer Toes. Foot pain could be due to Morton’s Neuroma, a condition where pain is felt in the ball of the foot. Alternatively, Sciatica could be the cause of pain due to irritation in the roots of the lower lumbar/lumbosacral spine. If you want happy healthy smiley feet, why not book yourself in for some Orthopaedic Reflexology? Send us a message today on 0774 047 3987 or take a look at our Facebook page.


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