Affordable Reflexology Treatment?

We often think about complementary therapies such as Reflexology being a luxury or treat. Great when we can afford it but otherwise something we tend to go without. However, many of us rely on such therapies for a number of reasons. Whether we want to reduce our stress, deal with bodily aches and pains or improve our energy levels, complementary therapies are becoming an everyday part of many of our lives. One such complementary therapy is Reflexology – read on to find out how you can take advantage of an affordable Reflexology treatment.

Private healthcare and private cash plans

Luckily the very real benefits of Reflexology are now realised by private healthcare and insurance companies that cover this type of therapy. For many of these companies, you don’t even need a referral from your doctor. Instead, you just need to make sure your practitioner is a registered member of a professional body. Often the healthcare companies will require written confirmation from the practitioner in order to approve and pay full or part of the treatment cost. Here at The Healing Place, we’re members of The Association of Reflexologists and can provide you with the required confirmation. Make sure you take a look at the small print on your policy and check the terms and conditions of your policy. Sometimes you can receive complementary treatments for a fraction of the full-price.

Similarly, private cash plans are another option for those wanting complementary therapies but would struggle with the cost. You pay a monthly fee, and these cash plans help you pay in instalments for treatment. You can take out a plan yourself, or see if your employer will fund one for you. There are lots of companies that offer this service so you have a choice as to which one to go for. However, remember always check what they cover before committing yourself.

Why complementary therapies?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy when it works alongside pre-existing medical treatment to help manage symptoms and side effects.  It’s a common misconception that you undergo a series of Reflexology treatments either in place of medical aid or as a last resort. In actual fact, Reflexology practitioners will never diagnose a condition and don’t claim to offer a cure either. Instead, Reflexology as a treatment is most effective when taken in addition to medically diagnosed treatments. You can find out all about the Reflexology treatments we offer at The Healing Place on our website.

The benefits of Reflexology

A cancer diagnosis may happen to us or a loved one. Cancer patients find that Reflexology helps them manage the symptoms and side effects and relax them to aid good quality sleep. Reflexology is not a cure for cancer. Those suffering from other conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis could benefit from Reflexology. Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and symptoms relating to sinusitis, migraines or tension headaches could also be alleviated by Facial and Foot Reflexology.

Our Foot Reflexology therapy is new to The Healing Place, helping you deal with your specific foot-related issues and leaving your feet feeling happy healthy and smiley. All treatments are non-invasive and encourage your body to heal from the inside out. Even better, if your private health insurance/plans can help ease associated financial restrictions. Contact us to find out more by either calling 0774 047 3987 or take a look at our Facebook page for more information.

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