Reflexology and Fertility

At The Healing Place, our commitment to holistic well-being extends to various branches of health, including Assisted Reproduction. Today, we delve into the world of ReproReflexology with Barbara Scott, a leading figure in Reproductive Reflexology, and her colleague Harriet Combe.

Defining Reflexology: A Journey Through Time and Energy
In the realm of complementary therapies, reflexology stands as a practice rooted in ancient traditions. Barbara Scott describes it as akin to acupuncture, focusing on the flow of energy through the body’s ‘meridians.’ At The Healing Place, we embrace this holistic approach, accessing these energy flows through precise reflex points on the feet, hands, or ears. With increasing research supporting its effectiveness, reflexology becomes a valuable component in our pursuit of comprehensive well-being.

Holistic Therapies and Infertility: A Time-Tested Approach to Complex Issues
Fertility challenges often present complex and varied factors. The Healing Place emphasizes the significance of holistic therapists, who, given the luxury of time with patients, can explore avenues often overlooked. Stress, a known contributor to reproductive system issues, can be effectively managed through holistic therapies. Addressing both physical and emotional aspects, holistic approaches offer a personalized and supportive journey for those navigating infertility.

Passion for Reproductive Reflexology: Unraveling the Jigsaw Puzzle of Fertility
Reproductive Reflexologists and all those trained by Barbara Scott employ an evidence-based approach. Medical tests guide them in identifying underlying issues, allowing for effective and appropriate treatment planning. We express a deep love for the initial consultations, where a forensic approach brings together the pieces of the fertility puzzle, leading to the ‘Aha’ moment. Celebrating positive results becomes the heartbeat of their profession.

Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Fertility: Small Changes, Empowering Results
The Healing Place’s holistic approach extends beyond reflexology, incorporating nutritional and lifestyle changes. We underscore the wealth of research supporting the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on fertility. Whether pursuing natural conception or assisted reproduction, making small yet significant changes empowers individuals, offering a constructive way to enhance their chances of conceiving.

Overcoming Skepticism: Bridging the Gap between Science and Complementary Therapies
In the world of complementary therapy and assisted reproduction, skepticism can be a roadblock. We acknowledge that skepticism, especially among men, is not uncommon. However, we would point out that once couples experience the science-based approach at The Healing Place, attitudes often shift. With a remarkable 68% of patients conceiving while using these techniques, the results speak for themselves.

A Transformative Visit to Clinica Tambre: A Patient-Centered Approach to Care
Reflecting on her recent visit to Clinica Tambre, Barbara Scott expresses immense admiration for the patient-centered approach. The clinic’s thoughtful design, from private waiting ‘pods’ to comforting pre/post-treatment ‘bedrooms,’ reflects a commitment to minimizing stress. Individualized testing and treatment plans showcase a passion for patient care that resonates with The Healing Place’s values. We can confidently refer patients to Clinica Tambre, knowing they will experience the same level of compassionate care.


The Healing Place continues to be at the forefront of holistic healing, embracing complementary therapies in the realm of Assisted Reproduction. Barbara Scott’s insights shed light on the significance of reflexology and holistic approaches in the journey towards fertility. As we strive to provide a comprehensive and supportive environment, The Healing Place remains dedicated to empowering individuals on their unique paths to parenthood.

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